Foods that Contain Natural Estrogens

Alfalfa Animal flesh Anise seed Apples Baker's yeast Barley Beets Carrots Cherries Chickpeas Clover Cowpeas (black-eyed peas) Cucumbers Dairy Foods Dates Eggs Eggplant Fennel Flaxseeds Garlic Hops Licorice Oats Olive oil Olives Papaya Parsley Peas Peppers Plums Pomegranates Potatoes Pumpkin Red beans Red clover Rhubarb Rice Sage Sesame seeds Soybean sprouts Soybeans Split peas Sunflower seeds Tomatoes Wheat Yams

Soybeans, and soy derivatives have large amounts of natural estrogens. Interestingly enough, soy sauce is not a major source of phytoestrogens.

Flaxseed, pulses, citrus fruits, wheat, licorice, alfalfa, fennel and celery also have fairly large amounts of natural estrogens.

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